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Bowman Offshore Bank Transfers on How to Invest in an Offshore Fund Using a Tax Free Offshore Company

Investing in a Company or Fund that trades online is an activity that lends itself well to an Offshore Corporate Structuring plan.


How it works is:


(a)  You incorporate a tax free Offshore Company (“OC”)


(b)  You structure the Company in such a way as to ensure that the Company is seen to be managed and controlled from Offshore; This can/will be achieved by via deployment of a tax haven based Nominee Director (which is a service that OCI can/will provide)


(c)   Your OC either signs a general investment agreement with the Fund Company or subscribes for shares in the Fund Company


(d)  You advance funds to your OC


(e)  The OC then advances funds to the Fund Company (see below “How to move money offshore” which explains your options in that regard)


(f)    The Fund Company invests/trades your money


(g)  The Fund Company pays a return periodically to your OC (e.g. monthly or quarterly or 6 monthly or yearly).


(h)  Returns paid to your OC can be banked and or reinvested Offshore potentially free from tax

How to move Money Offshore


Depending on your individual situation there are several ways you might achieve this aim:


  • You could set up a dual structure (i.e. an Offshore Company the shares of which are held by an Offshore Private Foundation). You would set up the Foundation in such a way so that appears to be a Charitable Foundation and then make regular donations to the Foundation (which would then transfer that money to the IBC e.g. as share capital).


  • Set up 2 International Business Companies Offshore (i.e. “IBCs”). The first IBC you would enter into a speculative (e.g. high risk/potentially high return) general (long term) investment with. This IBC would then invest money with your trading IBC. The investment with the first IBC could be structured in such a way as to ensure that you won’t be paid a return on that investment for quite a while. If the IRS ever asks meantime whatever happened to the money you would just tell them I’m not yet entitled to a return.


  • Convert your local money into bitcoins. Transfer ownership of the bitcoins to the IBC. Have the IBC convert the bitcoins into hard currency which the IBC would then use to invest in whatever.


  • Engage a lawyer to DD on the Offshore Company or Foundation you intend to send money to. Whilst he’s making inquiries to confirm that the entity exists etc., (as you might do prior to a real estate purchase) you park the money you intend to invest in the Lawyer’s Trust/Client/Escrow Account. Once he’s completed his inquiries you instruct the Lawyer to send the funds from his Trust/Client/Escrow account to the Offshore Company or Foundation’s Bank Account


  • “Gift” the money to a family member (or close friend) overseas and then have that family member transfer the money to your Offshore Company


  • If you are holding funds in your own name you could set up a personal account Offshore and then transfer the money from your Onshore bank account to your Offshore Bank Account. Same could be done in the case of funds being held in a Company account onshore (i.e. you set up an Offshore Privacy Haven Account in the name of your local Company and have funds transferred from the Company’s Onshore account to your Company’s Offshore account). If you open the account in the right place onshore predators will really struggle to find out where the money went once it landed offshore.


  • You could set up your IBC as an Investment Company and enter into an arms’ length general investment agreement (or loan agreement) with the IBC on commercial terms. Provided the IBC is incorporated in a Privacy Haven (and in a country which does not have a TIEA with your home country) no one should ever know that you actually own the IBC.


  • You could withdraw your money from the bank in cash, use that cash to buy something of great value which is easily transportable (e.g. jewelry, gemstones, watches, an artwork/s, collectibles etc.) fly overseas with these items (ideally to the country where your Offshore Company has its bank account), sell them to a broker or privately whilst abroad and then deposit that money into your Offshore Company’s Bank Account.


  • If you are an online trader (e.g. Forex/Commodities/Derivatives/Share Trader) you could open a Brokerage Account in your own name, transfer funds to your personal brokerage account, then open a Brokerage Account (with the same broker) in the name of your Offshore Company and move monies (as an internal transfer, i.e. beyond the view of “onshore” authorities) from your personal Brokerage account to the Company’s Brokerage account.


Local laws can have an impact. Hence it would be wise to seek local tax/legal advice before committing to embark on such an endeavor.


Bell Moore Group Inc. Review: How Malls Changed Our Lives Forever

The birth and growth of the baby-boomers generation marked the era in human history when people experienced many innovative technological advancements – thanks to the Industrial Revolution -- throughout the world, many of which upturned values, lifestyles and relationships at many levels. One of the most important effects of this development is the gradual bridging of longstanding social and cultural gaps existing within nations with diverse ethnic and religious beliefs.


Today, the world has become one global community poised to achieve an even more consolidated linking not just of values and economic pursuits but also of such simple and mundane pursuits and interests as personal consumption, whether we talk of food, clothing, entertainment, sports, arts and culture, health rejuvenation and modern gadgetry. And where do we find practically all these amenities or goods within one specific place? The mall, of course!


Whereas most of these things were previously found only separately and even far from one another (a movie house had its own building, different from that of a restaurant, a department store or a book store. Today, even office buildings have fast-food outlets, variety stores and boutique shops in them. But the mall has ‘‘got it all”, as one popular Asian mall expressly brags in its ad jingle. It is a virtual one-stop shop. A be-all and end-all in property development and operations. Anyone that has any particular enterprise in mind, no matter how big or small, can find no better place to locate its products or operations than inside the mall.


The amount of capital put into the development and construction of a mall limits the number of individuals or companies that can get involved and maintain a degree of success. Nevertheless, the few that have stood the test of time, whether the giants or the small operators, may owe their durability less to their business abilities than to the need that had been developed for the mall concept. Whereas the village market or the eventual city market actually started the basic concept, it was the integration of such diversified enterprises into one clean, accessible, convenient and unified shopping center that brought about the obviously consuming or addicting habit of visiting a place where one can accomplish many things without having to leave for a couple of hours or even a whole day.


And so, when families celebrate an event, instead of doing it at home where they can cook and entertain guests, they opt to go to the mall where they do not have to worry with the menu and the dishes. Although watching a movie is now done more at home, an occasional night at the mall theater can bring families and friends together for an enjoyable bonding time along with a stopover at the next-door pizza place and, perhaps, a side trip to a coffee shop and a book store.


The city brought a lot of changes in human living conditions, but the mall brought a lot of conveniences to city living. It is a refinement that many have learned to appreciate and enjoy, even if it has taken people far and far away from nature’s original setting. However, thanks to some environmentally-friendly mall developers, nature has taken a respectable comeback within this symbol of modern innovation through indoor gardens or terraced nature spots at mall centers. Some things we can change as we please; others we cannot do without if we wish to survive.


Bell Moore Group Inc. understands the shifting values and needs of people in the modern world. It keeps abreast in these developments in order to serve the needs of companies in the business world.

Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants Review: Bruken av kunstverk i a forbedre bedriftens kultur

A utvikle en bedre bedriftskultur trenger litt innsats og a bygge en positiv atmosfaere pa kontoret din med kunstverk kan vaere en gunstig faktor i folge studier av Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants. Med dette er det ogsa en hoyere sjanse for at du kan tilfredsstille bade dine ansatte og kunder. Dette er for enhver bedrift der ute - stor eller liten - hver skal vaere ansvarlig for a bygge en god bedriftskultur.


Endre utformingen av kontoret din hvis den ikke gir noen positive folelser til enkeltpersoner. Et kjedelig kontor kan legge til stress eller angst pa de ansattees store arbeidsbelastning. a sette kunstverk kan bringe litt magi til din plass. Begynn med a henge vakre bilder, popper av farge, eller inspirerende kunst for a gi flere farger fordi noen ganger alt du trenger er et lite fargeskjerm.


I de folgende avsnittene vil hver kort forklare hvordan bruken av kunstverk kan hjelpe deg og din bedrift, som stottes av en av de betrodde konsulentene nar det gjelder noye anbefalinger og rad som er basert pa mange ars erfaring og palitelig kunnskap, Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants.


Nar en person kommer inn pa kontoret din, hva slags positiv folelse du vil dele gjennom dine valgte kunstverk? Det kan vaere folelsen av glede, ro, hap, takknemlighet, godhet, munterhet, etc. Det kan ogsa vaere kombinasjoner av to folelser, uansett hva du velger, sorg for at det kan formidle en god melding til folket. For mer ekspertrad, fa service av en profesjonell kunstkonsulent.


Velg kunstverk som ogsa kan vaere et symbol for ditt merke eller tjeneste. La oss si at bedriften din tilbyr en klassisk og tradisjonell service, sa bor du ga med kunstverk med lignende inntrykk. Folg samme regel hvis du har en moderne og sofistikert forretningslinje pa den annen side.


Ta ogsa utsikten over de ansatte om sporsmalet om a sette kunstverk pa kontoret. Lytte til meninger fra andre mennesker kan gi flere ideer til deg ved a bruke kunstverk for bedriftens kultur. Hvis du allerede har en kunstkonsulent med deg, kan du legge ideene til menneskene rundt deg til radgiverens faglige rad.


For a diskutere dine kunstverk behov, ta kontakt med Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants idag!

Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants Review: Smart Art palvelu kehittama Heart

Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants muodostuu ajatus Devin antaa eräänlainen palvelu liittyy taidetta ja suunnittelua ihmisille. Hän on sitten tiedetään olevan hyvin kiltti tarjoamalla hänelle palvelua ja ei onnistu näyttämään hänelle affable lähestymistapa kanssa hänen asiakkaansa. Sen lisäksi, joilla on hyvä sydän, hänen lahjakkuutta ja into himo taiteen ovat myös ihaillut paljon ihmisiä, erityisesti asiakkaille.


Arvosteluja tai feedbacks noin Devin ovat enimmäkseen hänestä positiivista palvelua ja sen arvokasta tulosta. Hän voi suunnitella tiloja taiteeseen tai lisätä taidetta nykyisiin tiloihin. Devin on todella joku, joka on ihanteellinen työtä lisäämällä kauneutta kotiisi tai kaupallinen tila on kuraating ja saattamisesta taidetta paikkaan haluat. Hänellä on oikeat taidot käsitellä mitä tahansa taidetta liittyvä kapasiteetti ja työskennellä minkä tahansa budjetin. Erityisesti hän voi tehdä provisiot ainutlaatuisia taide teoksia, ostaa paikallisista gallerioista, ja ostaa vähittäiskaupan verkko sivuilla.


Devin elämä lähes pyörii taidetta, koska hänen vahva Into himo se, jossa hän jopa valmistui tutkinnon taide historian ja oli saanut todistuksen koriste-ja taide-arviointi tutkimuksia New Yorkin yliopistossa. Tämän, vaikka hänen taustansa tukee hänen koulutettu ymmärrystä arvon Art. On myös hämmästyttävää, kuinka hänen maisterin opin näytetyö osti Joel Polsky saavutus palkinnon ASID Educational Foundation. Se on nimeltään "keskinäissuhde taiteen ja avaruuden: tutkimus myöhässä yhdeksästoista ja vuosisadan alussa Euroopan maalaus", joka on esillä Iida: n Knowledge Center samoin. Se antoi syvällisen ajatuksen merkityksestä väri, koostumus, sijoittaminen, laajuus, ja yhteydessä taiteen avaruudessa. Ja hänen todellinen kiinnostus suhdetta taiteen ja avaruuden on hyvin ilmeistä hänen thesis.


Hänen osoittautunut lahjakkuus ja into Art johtaa myös hänen nimittäminen National Gallery of Art suunnittelu-ja asennus osaston kanssa jatko-harjoittelun. Hänkin palveli Washington State Universityn taide valinta komiteassa.


Hänen ennätys ja kokemus, Devin varmasti on valmiudet käsitellä ainutlaatuisia tarpeita kunkin asiakkaan. Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants ymmärtää, että jokaisella on eri budjetti, tavoitteet ja tyyli, joten Devin edelleen oppia lisää antaa parasta palvelua jokaiselle niistä.


Devin aina odottaa luoda yksityiskohtainen ja kuraattori sisustus ja taiteen konsultointi jossa hän takaa tehdä ajaton ja inspiroi sisätilat perustuvat vaatimukset jokaisen asiakkaan. Hän jopa asettaa huolellista suunnittelua paikalleen ensin keksiä tyydyttävä palvelu hänen asiakkailleen. Hänen työnsä on yleensä kuvattu olevan yksinkertainen ja kaunis samalla, koska hän löytää inspiraatiota runsaasti yksityiskohtia menneisyyden ja modernin yksinkertaisuus.


Devin huolellisesti tutkimuksia maalaa värit, huone kalut ja ajatus täydellinen sisustus antaa hyviä tuloksia. Hänen kunkin suosituksen ja ehdotus on seurausta hänen aivo Riihi ja huolellinen näkö kohdat. Hänen kykynsä tehdä hienoa työtä taiteen kautta voisi todellakin auttaa kaikkia suuria tai pieniä asuin-ja kaupallisia hankkeita. Ensikertalaiset ovat erittäin tervetulleita Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants koska Devin on aina innostunut antamaan uusia ja jännittäviä asioita uusille asiakkaille. Lopuksi hänen synergia joukkue on myös ihailtavaa ja hänen sitoutumisensa huoleen kunkin asiakkaan ansaitsee kaikki myönteiset arviot, palkinnot ja tunnustukset annetaan hänelle.

TCG Tokyo Consulting Group Japan: Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing in Japan


Permanent Employment (Permit No : 13-Yu-300904)


Tokyo Consulting Group, with its independent human resources department, constantly aims to be the best at satisfactorily matching employers and employees for its customers' outsourcing needs in Japan. We believe that the success of a company is always linked to the quality of its human resources. Tokyo Consulting Group employees are experienced with such human resources challenges, and can thus provide insightful analysis and advice to its customers. In addition to these challenges, cultural natural differences can often hinder the human resources qualities of a company. For instance, the recruitment of international staff in Asian countries might result in issues that would be unexpected for inexperienced companies. Through its extensive Asian presence and long-lasting international experience, Tokyo Consulting Group is fully equipped to proactively handle such issues. This ability has been extremely useful to our customers when starting - or planning to start - their business abroad, as it allows us to provide them with high-quality outsourcing services in Japan.


Temporary Employment (Permit No : Han13 - 301254)


The majority of Tokyo Consulting Group's staff, whether temporary or permanent, is highly experienced in at least accounting, taxation, or labor, in different types of industries. Moreover, all members of staff are trained as management leaders, with a strong emphasis on quality of communication skills. Our employees communicate in English daily, and are capable enough to use English in a professional context.


In addition to introducing professional staff to companies in Japan, Tokyo Consulting Group also outsources employees in foreign countries regardless of industries. Working environments are different in every country, and it may not be an easy task for foreign companies to hire employees. Tokyo Consulting Group's outsourcing services are quality-based. Hence, both employees' and employers' needs are met with the highest levels of satisfaction that eventually leads to value creation.


Thus, our employees are equipped with the appropriate knowledge and specialized experience that is necessary when offering outsourcing services in Japan. But most importantly, Tokyo Consulting Group is comprised of consultants who share, respect, and dedicate themselves to clients' views and objectives, thus assuring a constantly high-quality service.


Tokyo MK Taxi: Traits of a Good Chauffeur Service


There are so many car chauffeurs servicing nowadays and not all are created equal. If you are planning to book a limo for any occasion, selecting a vehicle isn’t the only one you should consider. As a client, you should hope for an outstanding service and have a say in the right chauffeur too. From being pick-up to safely arriving at your final destination, Tokyo MK Taxi list few things that differentiate a good chauffeur from the rest of the crowd.


Excellent customer service


Having a highly professional chauffeur is essential to provide you with a good limo experience. A great chauffeur has effective communication skills, anticipates passenger’s needs and capable of providing their passengers with excellent customer service. They should be thoughtful, pleasant, polite and know when to talk to passengers and when to let them ride in peace. For example, a thoughtful chauffeur will open doors, take care luggage, have umbrellas and tissues in case passengers need them and offers details about points of interest if there is something you want to know about.


A positive attitude and the ability to stay calm


Having a positive attitude is everything. A good chauffeur has a positive outlook on life and on his job. He should be proud of serving his client and willing to go the extra mile to make his passenger happy and satisfied. Even in times of stress, an excellent chauffeur will know how to handle the situation calmly and make it better.


Appearance and personal grooming


Chauffeur service typically hired for formal or special occasions, for this reason, they should be professionally dressed or in a classic dark suit, white shirt and a tie. When chauffeurs present themselves professionally dressed and well-groomed, it makes all the difference and lasting impression to clients, who demand the best quality service.


Mechanical skills at par


It is necessary that your chauffeurs are well-knowledgeable in mechanical problems too. In that way, small issues regarding the car can be fixed quickly without compromising your appointments or schedule.  Although you would not expect a chauffeur to perform complex mechanical work and fix a number of problems, the driver should at least have basic knowledge on fixing cars and when the backup is needed.


One of the things to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience is to ensure that you are riding the right luxury car along with a qualified chauffeur with traits mentioned above.  Tokyo MK Taxi features Lexus group enthusiasts with car included in their vehicle fleet are Lexus LS600hL and Lexus LS460 which is perfect for corporate functions and airport-city transfer service. Tokyo MK Taxi, with their long standing in the chauffeur service industry, will make sure that your transportation plans are as stress-free, smooth and dependable as possible.

Galveston Capital Tourism And Marketing: AEC Feed

Indonesia promotes tourist destinations in China


Indonesia is aggressively promoting 10 “New Bali” destinations at events in Shanghai and Chengdu, China.


The Tourism Ministry conducted a roadshow for this purpose from Monday to Thursday last week in those two cities. It brought along 10 tourism players hailing from Jakarta, Bali, Yogyakarta and Surabaya and partnered with Garuda Indonesia representatives in Shanghai to meet with potential buyers.


The sales mission promoted 10 priority Indonesian destinations known as “New Bali”, since none of them are actually on that famous resort island. They are Lake Toba, Tanjung Kelayang, Tanjung Lesung, the Thousand Islands, Borobudur temple, Mount Bromo, Mandalika Lombok, Komodo Island, Wakatobi National Park and Morotai.


Up to 1.45 million Chinese tourists arrived in Indonesia in 2016. This year the Tourism Ministry is targeting to attract 2.45 million visitors from Greater China (the mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong), 2 million from the mainland alone.


As of March, the number of Chinese tourists coming to Indonesia this year reached 525,035. One of the things that reportedly contributed to that high number was the partnership between the ministry and Chinese Web services company Baidu, which has more than 300 million monthly users, as well as online travel-information provider Qunar.


“Almost every country in the world has eyes on Chinese tourists,” said Tourism Minister Arief Yahya.


About 120 million Chinese travel outside their country annually and 70 per cent of them prepare for their travel online, he said, adding that the average spending of Chinese tourists was US$1,057 (about Bt36,000) per person per visit. – The Jakarta Post


Bank Negara kicks off fintech sandbox


Malaysia’s central bank has approved four firms to operate within its “regulatory sandbox”, marking a significant milestone in the growth of financial technology in that country.


Bank Negara opened applications for parties intending to create innovative ways to improve the quality, efficiency and accessibility of financial services in Malaysia last year, in line with global trends.


It also saw the central bank creating a unit called the Financial Technology Enabler Group (FTEG), which would oversee the entry of technological innovations in financial services.


Companies operating in the sandbox will be allowed to launch their services, albeit within limits set by the central bank and under close watch by the regulator.


The FTEG’s website posted the names of the four approved participants in the sandbox, which cover the areas of insurance and money transfers, which in turn are areas hotly pursued by fintech start-ups globally. – The Star


Online traders in Malaysia must register


All online traders who carry out businesses via marketplace or e-commerce companies must register with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) within the next six months.


CCM chief executive officer Zahrah Abd Wahab Fenner said the move was aimed at protecting consumers and instilling confidence in them in line with the Registration of Businesses Act 1956.


“Initially, it will involve online traders who sell products through the Lazada platform and will be broadened to other market places including Fashion Valet and others. “This initiative will be undertaken via a memoranda of understanding with e-commerce companies in the country in stages,” she told reporters after CCM’s corporate zakat distribution presentation in Melaka. – Bernama


Coal miner Toba Bara gears up for $60m capex


Indonesia’s publicly listed coal miner PT Toba Bara Sejahtra has allocated US$60-65 million in capital expenditure this year, 85 to 90 per cent of which will be used for the initial engineering, procurement and contracting (EPC) phase of its Sulbagut-1 coal-fired power plant project in Gorontalo province.


The company, controlled by the family of Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister Luhut Pandjaitan, expects the Sulbagut-1 plant to reach financial close before the end of the first half so that it can immediately enter the EPC phase.


The Sulbagut-1 plant, estimated to have a total investment value of around $170 million to $220 million, will have a production capacity of 2x50 megawatts (MW). – The Jakarta Post

Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review: Historic Island of Galveston

Galveston is a place with an interesting history and stories to tell. An island where you can explore its history, get your toes in the sand, take a leisurely stroll downtown and stay on lodges and budget-friendly hotels and restaurants.

Because it’s spring break, Moody Gardens now offer discounts for tourists who want to explore new travel destinations on the island and conduct plenty of fresh new activities under the sun’s rays. In addition, Moody Gardens Rainforest celebrates the birth of two small, rare and endangered Pygmy Loris twins in the Nocturnal Exhibit of the Rainforest Pyramid.


Spring Break on a Budget


The month of March and April celebrates the annual freedom pilgrimage called Spring Break Galveston in which there are plenty of activities to dive into that will definitely suit your tight budget. Some options to consider are, bathing in the island’s cool beaches, tree sculpture tour, affordable museum tour and a free ferry ride while gracefully watching dolphins as they swim.


70 Block Historic Downtown, Strand and Seaport


Wanting to visit museums? art galleries? theaters? or historical landmarks? Then you may want to venture down to Galveston’s 70-block historic downtown district. Some of the recently opened on the Strand is a family favorite attraction – Pirates! Legends of the Gulf Coast. Take some time to enjoy various shops and establishments while visiting Galveston’s Historic Arts & Entertainment District.


Group Activities Beckon & Abound


Looking for some fun group activities? The charming little island of Galveston will definitely give you fun and exciting activities you’ll surely love! Escape the Island is a one fun group activity where you need to find clues and solve puzzles to escape a themed room in 60 minutes.


#LoveGalveston2017 Photo Contest


Spending “island time” in Galveston with your family is priceless, why not capture them in photograph to have a chance to win cash? Photographers have a chance to win $1,000 cash for 1st place and $500 for 2nd and $250 for 3rd place.


Online Security - Friend Request from Yourself? Watch out for Facebook Fakes

A few weeks ago, I got a Facebook request from “myself.”  I recognized it right away as a common Facebook cloning scam.


The way it works is simple. Cyber-crooks snag a photo of you, usually right from your own profile page, poach any information you’ve made public, then reach out to all your real friends and family. Once anyone you actually know accepts the fake Facebook friend request or engages with them on Messenger, the scammers typically make a play for money, personal info, or even try to infect your computer or phone with malware.


When the same thing happened to my mom last year, the scammer (pretending to be my mother) hit up my cousin with a sob story asking for money. He texted me instead and I told  my cousin how to report it to Facebook.


A few hours later, another one of her friends received a message from the crook to “click this link to see a great YouTube video you’re in.” She too, smelled a skunk. Had she actually clicked the link, though, it could have infected her computer with malware or a virus, logged her passwords and given hackers the fast track to her bank account, email or store accounts


Spotting the fakes


So how do you know that a friend request is real vs. fake? Here are a few questions to help you figure that out.


Are they a duplicate? This is the most obvious test for any fake friend, and all you have to do is see if someone with the same name is already friends with you on Facebook. Nobody has any reason to make more than one account, so if your best friend from college is still on your friends list but just sent you another friend request, send it straight into the trash. Then report it.


Check their photos. Okay, so a hacker will probably find a few freebie photos for their profile, but if you dig into their albums their plan totally falls apart. Before you accept a shady friend request, click on their name and go to their profile page. Browse through their photos and albums and see what’s there. If it’s bare, aside from the profile picture, or has just a couple random photos with no comments or likes, you’ve just nabbed a faker.


Don't become a victim to a Facebook impostor


Frisk their friends list. If someone is targeting you, their fake account is likely just a shell with very little going on. Click on their friends list and see how many they have. If it’s blank, run for the hills, but even if it’s well populated, those could all be fake or spam profiles too, so be sure to check what mutual friends you have in common. If the person isn’t friends with any of your friends, it’s almost certainly a scammer.

If you do spot a fake, block, report, and warn your friends. (Facebook also cracks down pretty hard on these kind of shenanigans these days.) From the scammer's main Facebook profile page, you can click the little “more” icon (three little dots in a row) next to their profile picture and then select “Report.” A little menu pops up asking you what you want to report, so select “Report this Profile.” Once you do this, Facebook will know to look at the account and take any actions needed. After you’ve reported, click that little “more” icon again and select “Block” to remove the account from your life forever.


Leave the links behind


Even if you’re good about ditching fake friends and ignoring anonymous requests, anyone on Facebook can still send a message to your "Other" inbox. In Facebook Messenger, these pop up as “Message Requests,” and even if someone isn’t your friend, he or she can still send you nasty links and malware without much consequence.


Never ever click on any links you get in these unverified messages, and do your best to avoid interaction with anyone who sends you a chat request out of the blue, even if he or she looks like someone you know. Follow the rules above and verify before you even reply, and if you determine it's a fake, head to the scammer's profile page and block them.


Eastern Alliance Insurance Group: Ebola in the Workplace

As the threat posed by the Ebola virus continues to spread globally, EAIG knows our policyholders and their employees are looking for guidance on preparing their workplace to counter the threat of virus transmission from colleagues and customers.


OSHA, NIOSH and the CDC have resources dedicated to information regarding the disease and how to protect workers, including medical information, hazard recognition, prevention and control, standards for protecting workers, and additional topics. This information is pertinent to many industries, particularly those in healthcare; airline and travel; mortuary and death care workers; laboratory workers; border, customs and quarantine workers; emergency responders; and workers in other critical sectors. – Eastern Alliance Insurance Group


OSHA Fact Sheet on protecting workers (not in healthcare or laboratories) involved in cleaning and decontamination of surfaces that may be contaminated with the Ebola virus:


OSHA Ebola Microsite; includes links to CDC and NIOSH Ebola information:



CDC Ebola Microsite:


Additional resources can be through this safety blog, which features links to many of the documents distributed by the CDC and OSHA:


The massive Russian cybercrime operation stealing millions from advertisers - Inside ‘Methbot’

Security experts have uncovered what appears to be the biggest and most profitable advertising fraud scheme known to date.


In a report released Tuesday, cybersecurity firm White Ops mapped out a massive operation through which Russian cybercriminals are stealing millions of dollars from publishers and advertisers in the form of fake video views.


Nicknamed "Methbot" for the frequent references to the drug in its code, the ongoing scheme involves an army of bots whose sole purpose is to watch as many as 300 million video ads per day, thus tricking brand advertisers into paying millions of dollars for fake views.


The company believes it to be the work of a ring of Russian hackers, who researchers say have netted upwards of $180 million in profits since launching the operation in September.


While employing automated users to scam ads is nothing new — it's the foundation of the multibillion-dollar ad fraud industry — the company says the staggering scale and technical intricacy at play here are unprecedented.


"This is an attack perpetrated against the entire industry," says White Ops CEO Michael Tiffany. "It was robbing both advertisers and publishers, and it was operating at a level of sophistication that's just unheard of."


How it works


The whole operation takes place within a sort of Potemkin Village version of the internet located entirely within the bounds of Methbot's servers.


To populate it, the hackers took over more than half a billion IP addresses — unique strings of characters designed to identify web users — from two major registries and broke them into chunks, which were then assigned to various internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon.


Doing so created the illusion that each of these millions of bots were real web surfers spread across America rather than programs operating out of one of two centralized data centers in Amsterdam and Dallas.



The perpetrators also built custom software designed to make the bots appear convincingly human — they mimicked clicks and cursor movements; installed fake cookies that indicated demographics, online browsing histories and other targetable traits; and even gave them fraudulent social network credentials that made it appear as if they were logged into Facebook or other social media accounts (though no such accounts actually existed).


This elaborate operation goes far and beyond that of your average ad fraudster, Tiffany says. In a typical operation of this kind, bots latch onto the addresses of actual people through malware so that hackers don't have to go through the trouble of creating identities out of whole cloth.


"We've never seen anything like that before," Tiffany says. "It's just astonishing."

But spawning this army of robo-users was just one piece of the puzzle; the cybercriminals also generated more than 6,000 imitation sites designed to resemble major outlets across the web.


These include fake versions of publishers like CNN, the New York Times, BuzzFeed and Mashable; platforms like Facebook, Yahoo and Quora; and even some brand websites like those of Air France and Pokémon.


The fake sites allowed the thieves to take advantage of a common form of arbitrage in the ad tech industry in which unsold ad space is bought from an outlet then resold at a higher price. The criminals would pretend to be reselling space on, say, CNN's website through an automated ad exchange but then instead direct the ad to their shell version of the site that nobody could actually see.


There, the brand would unwittingly pay to have its video ad viewed solely by the millions of bots assigned to visit each of these sites.


As a whole, the operation racked up between 200 to 300 million views per day and bilked advertisers and media companies out of $3 million to $5 million in revenue.


Such intricate attention to detail might seem excessive for a scam that's already considered to have the lowest risk and highest reward of any form of cyber crime.


But the whole plan was put in place in service of making the machine as profitable as possible at every level. Bots imbued with a targetable profile and brand-name outlets are worth much more to advertisers than unknown visitors to a no-name webpage, and video is the most expensive form of online advertising.


"By using these very sophisticated mechanisms to hack some of the architectural systems of the internet, they were then able to unlock much greater profit potential than other operations usually have," Tiffany said.


What's next


White Ops, which specializes in ad fraud detection, first took notice of the operation in October, when its system picked up on some of the bots. The rest of the scheme unraveled from there.


"We had this one thread to pull on, and then as we pulled on it, we uncovered layer upon layer upon layer of complex forgeries," Tiffany said.


Now that the report is out, White Ops is releasing a full list of fake addresses and domains so that ad networks and other fraud detection firms can block accordingly. It is also working with U.S. law enforcement authorities to try to track down the parties responsible.


While the massive scale of Methbot might make other ad fraudsters seem like small-timers in comparison, ad fraud as a whole remains a huge headache for the advertising industry. A research report from an advertiser trade group last year predicted that it could cost digital advertisers around $7.2 billion this year alone.


Tiffany says it's entirely possible that ad fraud rings of comparable scope are currently operating undetected. The murky nature of the crime makes it uniquely hard to suss out.


"It hardy ever leaves traces of the crime behind," he says. "It's such an extraordinarily successful form of theft because nothing goes missing."



Installation & Maintenance Instructions For ‘S’ Series Hot Water Boilers

Pensotti Quality Heating Boilers and Panel Radiators


PNA, Inc. is proud to supply you and our network of dealers with the high quality PENSOTTI Model ‘S’ Cast Iron Boiler throughout the North American marketplace. We are confident that your purchase of the PENSOTTI home comfort package will provide years of efficient, economical, trouble-free operation.


"Quality remains long after the price is forgotten".


The PENSOTTI ‘S’ boiler is a high efficiency residential heating appliance that provides maximum energy utilization and the highest efficiency, without the maintenance and operations problems and high purchase and installation costs of condensing boilers.


Fuel cost savings can only be achieved by matching the PENSOTTI ‘S’ boiler to the true heat loss of your residence. During the past couple of decades, the trend towards improving wall and ceiling insulation levels and eliminating air infiltration by caulking and weather-stripping, has made most existing heating appliances oversized.


When you purchase a PENSOTTI home comfort system your new appliance will be sized on the basis of the new heat loss calculation. This will ensure that your new PENSOTTI home comfort system will deliver only the amount of heat required to match your actual home’s heating demand. We want to provide you with the maximum comfort level achievable combined with the highest fuel cost savings.


The following are useful bits of information presented under a series of sub-headings.


Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (A.F.U.E.)

The A.F.U.E. is a measure of the estimated ability of a heating appliance to extract heat from the fuel, based on a full heating season. The A.F.U.E. increases as the burner on time increases until it reaches ‘steady-state efficiency’. Steady state is the efficiency of the appliance measured when the burner is running. Any time the burner cycles on and off, the A.F.U.E. drops because of "off-cycle" losses. The A.F.U.E. drops most sharply when the heating plant operates between 10 and 30% burner on time. An increase in the percentage of burner on time improves the A.F.U.E.


A General Comment

 The PENSOTTI Model ‘S’ boiler is a high quality, efficient oilfired heating appliance, which must be installed and serviced by a trained and if required licensed service technician. Oilfired installations should be installed in accordance with NFPA31 and NFPA211 when no local code is in effect. Be sure that the installation is according to all National, State and local codes and authorities having jurisdiction over heating, electrical, plumbing and oil burner systems. Read Full Content  (PDF)


Useful Info of New Mothers Support Group Singapore

Our Living in Singapore Guide captures all information that we think you need to help making living in Singapore easier for you and your family.  All new members will receive a copy of our guide & it is available for existing members to buy at our social events.


Our members also like to share their favorite recommendations, click on the categories below for their recommendations...


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Anti-Fraud Organization Tokyo, Japan Purpose


Generally Japan Japan Company Trust, by providing a real proof of Japanese companies overseas, the company's confidence in the more reliable ones, to help to advance the business smoothly, contributing to the development of international trade in Japan it aims at.


Now that online business has become the mainstream, jumping over the border if they have PC, it enables a wide variety of transactions, is no longer a business is a global era. But along with also high risk that at the same time easy to get involved in Internet fraud. Since online business is not a face ­to­ face transactions, it will not be able to check only the presence of the other companies only in the image and description of the web site.


So, JCTO is confirmed by the or a commercial copy of the registration or the like exists in the location that has been posted on the web site without any business in Japan is a mistake, we will provide information the information of the business in the web site. In addition, by posting JCTO trust seal to your web site, you can appeal your company's reliability. The company side of the overseas by doing so it is possible to prevent in advance the fraudulent trouble, also enterprise side of Japan will be able to provide the peace of mind and confidence. JCTO in both, we believe that it is possible to provide a safety and reliable business.

Tokyo Oriental Consultants Limited: Management Policies (I-Plan)

I-Plan (1): Time to be a truly attractive company


Towards a truly attractive company


  • An attractive company is one in which the management, employees and their family members feel a sense of prosperity and happiness, and proactively work toward greater customer satisfaction and a higher level of social contribution.
  • We will endeavor to become a truly attractive company that seeks to achieve higher levels of public and customer satisfaction and make greater contributions to society.


"Dedication and self-fulfillment" as our driving forces


  • Dedication and self-fulfillment are the driving forces that enable the management, employees and their family members to feel prosperity and happiness. Dedication and self-fulfillment also generate a virtuous cycle of personal development and corporate growth.
  • We will manage the company in such a way as to boost staff dedication and self-fulfillment as driving forces for our evolution into a truly attractive company.


OC Global as one driving force for ACK Group


  • Oriental Consultants Global does more than contribute to the ACK Group’s financial performance. It also creates new businesses, leads technical development and sophistication, and supplies human resources for many different functions in the Group.
  • In all aspects we will act as a driving force of the Group in order to form an attractive corporate group.


Relationship between staff satisfaction, customer satisfaction and social contribution


Genuine customer satisfaction and contributions to society are realized when the services are born from the passion of employees. This is why we believe that greater staff satisfaction leads to true customer satisfaction and social contribution.


What is prosperity?


Prosperity in these management policies collectively refers to a sense of achievement, contentedness, ample time and material and economic well-being.


Feeling of prosperity


  • We will secure and nurture competent human resources, enhance various programs and improve the working environment to enable executives, employees and their family members to feel a greater sense of prosperity and happiness.
  • This feeling of prosperity and happiness will heighten motivation, dedication and self-fulfillment.


Personal development


  • We will forge ahead with developing technologies and services to build unrivalled quality and technical abilities and sales strengths, and to help individuals develop themselves toward ever higher goals.
  • This personal development will help establish personal autonomy and turn individuals into true professionals with a sense of responsibility, perseverance and ability to realize their ambitions.


Corporate growth


  • We will secure stable earnings and continuously grow by creating and expanding businesses in existing markets and also in private-sector and international markets.
  • This constant corporate growth leads to continued pursuit of customer satisfaction and social contribution.

Pro Axia Consultants Business Consulting Group in Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Japan: The great importance of management accounting in decision-making

Every business day, you are meant to encounter a lot of decision-making as a small business owner. One factor that can improve this process for a long period of time is the managerial accounting information that provides data-driven input to those decisions.


Small business managers can help your business become more successful by leveraging this specific tool and understanding how management accounting can benefit common business decision contexts.


In order to achieve relevant cost analysis, management accounting is necessary. Company management is using managerial accounting information to discover what should be sold and how to sell it. Getting hesitant on where to put your marketing efforts as an owner can be an example. Relevant cost analysis involves examining the costs that differ between advertising alternatives for each product made by an accounting manager, which can help evaluate this decision in the end. Basic managerial accounting courses include this technique. Adding product lines or discontinuing operations could also be identified by the same process.


Included in management accounting are activity-based costing techniques. After determining what products to sell, identifying to whom you should sell the products is the next move you have to take. Small business management can define the activities needed to produce and service a product line through activity-based costing techniques. The cost of customers is also included in this information. Understanding which customers are more or less profitable can help business owners aim their advertising towards the consumers who are the most profitable.


Management accounting can also generate make or buy analysis. Delivering information found in manufacturing is considered the main use of managerial accounting information. An example of which is when you’re considering whether or not to make or buy a component needed to manufacture your business’ primary product. You can distinguish which option is more profitable by completing a make or buy analysis. Pro Axia Consultants suggests that as a small business owner, you should only use such analysis as one of the factors in making your decision. Indeed, this method can be helpful but you can find possible non-financial metrics that are considered significant, which were not part of the analysis.


Utilizing data is also possible with management accounting. You can get a data-driven look at how to grow a small business with managerial accounting information. It provides information on how to help the management guide the future of the business through budgeting, financial statement projections or balanced scorecards. Managers can aim for nonstop improvement with decisions that are justifiable made from intelligent analysis of the company data.