Japan Company Trust Organization Fraud Complaints

The Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) is receiving countless fraud complaints from all over the world, seeking JCTO's help to recover money. The combined investigation held by Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) and other agencies for various fraud cases shows following results:


* Regardless of nationality, the fraudsters are busy 24 hours 365 days a year to find target for fraud.


* The majority of foreign community in Japan are honest. But few criminal foreigners residing in Japan are involved in frauds.


* The fraudster foreigners residing in Japan are sometime using Japanese names to hide their actual nationality.


* Japanese nationals are also involved in committing fraud.


* Japanese nationals commit fraud with foreigners and sometime alone.


* The fraudsters make impressive website and use bogus address to gain victim's trust.


* The fraudsters use free Email accounts like, Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail etc.


* In many cases, the fake website is controlled from the overseas country, pictures and data of product is copy from other website, and the fraudster are not in Japan to avoid possible arrest, but they are using Japanese Bank account.


* Fraudters are using cell phones for easily runaway after comitting the fraud.


* The cell phone numbers start like +81 90 or +81 80 or +81 70 etc. (firts tow digits "81" is the country code for japan).


* Inmany cases, fraudsters use Japanese phone number, but the call is forwarded to other countries.


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Source: http://japancompanytrust.org/complaints