Eastern Alliance Insurance Group: Ebola in the Workplace

As the threat posed by the Ebola virus continues to spread globally, EAIG knows our policyholders and their employees are looking for guidance on preparing their workplace to counter the threat of virus transmission from colleagues and customers.


OSHA, NIOSH and the CDC have resources dedicated to information regarding the disease and how to protect workers, including medical information, hazard recognition, prevention and control, standards for protecting workers, and additional topics. This information is pertinent to many industries, particularly those in healthcare; airline and travel; mortuary and death care workers; laboratory workers; border, customs and quarantine workers; emergency responders; and workers in other critical sectors. – Eastern Alliance Insurance Group


OSHA Fact Sheet on protecting workers (not in healthcare or laboratories) involved in cleaning and decontamination of surfaces that may be contaminated with the Ebola virus:




OSHA Ebola Microsite; includes links to CDC and NIOSH Ebola information:




CDC Ebola Microsite:




Additional resources can be through this safety blog, which features links to many of the documents distributed by the CDC and OSHA:



Source: http://www.eains.com/agents/ebola-in-the-workplace.aspx